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How many bones in a giraffe's neck? $1 for a bottle of whiskey? It's Trivia Night!

How many bones in a giraffe's neck? I don't know either. And it was these insanely difficult questions that separated your average know it all from the true trivia geniuses. And so our first fundraising event for Youth Off The Streets and Cool Earth began on a cool autumn evening on Friday, 5th of May. I left work early to make a dash from the office to St Getrude's Montefano Hall - a big thank you to Very Rev Jaroslaw Zan OSPPE PP for letting us use the parish hall, facilities and audio system for free!!

Haylee was the brainchild behind this operation and she'd been busy - very busy. She'd inflated the balloons, wrapped the prizes, labelled all the winnings, created the powerpoint for the trivia, set up the projector and had the audio system connected all before I arrived.

Feigning more brawn than brain, I helped Haylee's dad lifting the heavy tables and chairs. All that lifting had made us hungry so we ran off to Hungry Jack's for a few whoppers. Before we had even finished our dinner, the guests started to arrive...and then some more and then we realised we needed more tables. We managed to fill the hall, well except the front table - it's like going to church: no one sits in the front row.

Thank you to everyone who came - we hope you enjoyed the night. Check out some of the teams:

And if your next event requires a MC, it seems Haylee has the requisite skills (I caught

her beat boxing whilst she was testing the mic). James, being our newest member, had some catching up to do - so we put him to hard manual labour (read: marking answer sheets). He does look a tad too cheerful though.

To get the blood circulating, we got people out of their seats for the paper plane competition. There were some innovative designs and some crazy throwing techniques.

But in the end it came down to 2 contenders who knew the secret of long distance flight. In fact, their flights were so successful we had to change the flight path to use the length of the entire hall. And after seven flights, one plane crash landed into a handbag.

Well now that we had the blood circulating, it now time to set the blood boiling with a coin toss for a bottle of whiskey!

Basically the idea is to throw/slide your gold coin and get it closest to the bottle. And the end of the competition, who ever is the closest, wins!

And you don't get much closer then this:

And so after the final rounds of Trivia, we tallied up the scores and we found our Wooden Spoon Team: Seniors Blog

In Second Place: I Smell Garlic

And our winners:The Anointed Ones

And then there were a couple of people who have decided to take the money and run off to Mongolia. They certainly look shifty:

We'd like to thank the following sponsors who helped make this event so successful (and the winners so happy): Vagabond Cruises Let's Go Surfing Dooley's Catholic Club Ultimate Paintball iFly Indoor Skydiving Liverpool Catholic Club Captain Cook Cruises Fairfield RSL Australian National Maritime Museum Pancakes On The Rocks Penrith Whitewater Cabravale Diggers St Johns Park Bowling Club EarthRose Brave Wellness

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