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To Trivia and Beyond!

We’ve decided to run a massive Trivia night to fundraise for our two charities, Cool Earth and Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets. It will obviously take a lot of time and effort but if we can reach our target fundraising goal it will be well worth the effort.

Mark it in your diaries! May 5th at 7pm, Montefano Hall, St Gertrude’s Parish, corner of Justin & Neville St, Smithfield. I’ve wanted to run a trivia night for years and here’s the opportunity!

We’ve sent emails out to approx 95 companies requesting raffle prize donations so fingers crossed we have a lot of responses. The other concern is getting enough people to attend. Luckily Pat and I are social butterflies and have a lot of contacts, we’ll be getting onto them like a rash and encouraging them to attend.

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